Glory (Medley) | ATM Ft O’Shola

When you’ve got His GLORY
It covers your story
Though the world does not know
Your life has been made whole!

The GLORY that puts an end to age long shameful story will work upon you as you praise the Most High! You will not be alone because the Most High shall be your companion.

GLORY was compiled under the inspiration of God by His vessel Adeyemi Timothy M (a.k.a. ATM) and the Testimony Gospel Singers. The song was produced by Tpee. The song, a medley of praise to God, was delivered with melodious dexterity and passion. Indeed you will be blessed as you listen!





Intro: Instrumental intro 
Chorus: We are singing glory to our God 
              We are singing glory to our God 
              We are singing glory, singing glory 
              We are singing glory to our God 

Lead: Mugode Halleluyah, 
(Thank you Lord Hallelujah) 
          Mugode Hallelluyah
Thank you Lord Hallelujah) 
          Almasiu chine mei cheto
(Jesus Christ my creator) 
          Ubangiji Sama
(God of Heaven) 

Chorus: Mugode Halleluyah, 
              Mugode Hallelluyah 
              Almasiu chine mei cheto 
              Ubangiji Sama 

(Instrumental interlude) 

Lead: Ewipe Baba seun
(Say thank you Father) 
Resp: Baba seun
(Thank you Father) 
Lead: Fun ore re lori mi to po (o se)
(For His numerous goodness) 
Lead: Fun aanu re lori aye mi (mo wipe)
(For His mercy over my life) 
Lead: Fun ore re lori egbemi (o se)
(For His goodness over my team) 

Lead:Wetin Ibo dey call am? 
Resp: Ibo Call Am Chineke 
          Calabar say Abasi 
          Hausa say Ubangiji 
          Yoruba Eledumare 

Chorus: He’s our King 
              He’s our Lord 
              He’s our King 
              He’s our Lord 
              Let the earth proclaim 
              Let the earth proclaim 
             That Jesus is Lord 
Lead: Mo dupe o, modupe Ose o Jesu
(I am greatful/2x Thank you Jesus) 
Resp: O seun
(Thank you) 
Lead: emi eni egan ojosi o so mi daji tan na wo
(The rejected stone has become the corner stone) 
Lead: mi o yawo na, mi o yawo sanwo o
(I do not borrow to spend nor borrow to pay debt) 
Lead: ogun esu o bori lori aye mi
(The devil does not win the battle over my life) 
Lead: mo dupeee, mo dupe o se
(I am grateful/2x thank you) 
Lead: mo dupeee, mo dupe o se 
Lead: mo dupe o, mo dupe ose o Jesu (till fade)

Distributed with Permission


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